Massive Site Restructuring

Well, as if the transition from static html to CMS were not significant in its own right, I have now also completed a shuffling of my domain hosting structure, I migrated from the domain subdirectory (/w/….) to the domain root, and I have reflowed my massive 300-line Apache configuration. Turns out that the way I put it together was probably very efficient for the server and meticulous in controlling content indexing by search engines, but terrible in terms of SEO and URI migration.

“Ser” and Localization

Personally I think that localization can be omitted from first-year textbooks, because its usage is relatively infrequent and its misuse causes no communicative breakdown.Continue Reading

La bamba

In 1987, the “La Bamba” (as recorded by Los Lobos) become the first Spanish-language song to rank #1 on United States music charts. Prior to this in 1959, Ritchie Valens’ version reached #22. Continue Reading

El Palo Volador

Published Translation. Sixteenth-century Franciscan mendicant friar Juan de Torquemada describes the Indian practice of erecting a “flying mast” at major festivals and the missionary attempts to end its practice. (Copy of the published English translation of “Del palo volador de que usaban estos indios en sus fiestas principales.”)Continue Reading

Digital Humanities for the Lone Scholar

Position Paper. Digital Humanities (sometimes stated as Humanities Computing) has long been a walled garden and generally misidentified as the mere use of computer or information technology. This has led many humanists to mistakenly believe themselves to engage the discipline and many other humanists to regard it as inaccessible. My definition seeks to cure both ills.Continue Reading

(Re)writing (Hi)story

Invited Talk. The end of the Fifth Great Cycle in Maya cosmology (12-21-2012) is nebulous and poorly characterized. This is almost entirely the consequence of exclusive reliance upon the inadequate writings of epistemologically-conflicted Europeans.Continue Reading