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Chairman Mao Zedong once said, 古为今用 洋为中用, “use the past to serve the present, the foreign to serve China.” I wonder if the same is true for my relationship with Google.

It was never my intention to seek out advertising revenue when I enrolled in Google’s Adsense. Frankly, my hosting costs are not that substantial. But while reviewing 4xx errors in my server logs, I saw that Google repeatedly requested “ads.txt” (which did not exist). It didn’t make much sense at first, but then I thought: Does this mean that Google sees some value in my site? Google Search Console showed a steadily improving pagerank, but seldom had I appeared on first-page search results (which for most users contains only ten results). So then it occurred to me: why not use the present to serve the future, why not co-opt Google to serve me?

What I mean to say by this is, all things being equal, wouldn’t Google be more likely to privilege a site that displays Google’s ads over a site that does not offer Google any revenue?

So I am now feature Google ads on my site. It is selling up, not selling out. I am certainly open to hearing anyone’s thoughts on it, and I’m DEFINITELY happy for click-throughs from as many different IP addresses as I can get. I intuitively suspect that advertisement click-throughs probably affect pagerank even more than search click-throughs.

Anyway, these are my reasons for introducing advertising. Please receive my broad invitation to light my site on fire—especially—so as to use Google for Everyman‘s benefit.