FormMail++ is a next generation html form handler inspired by the cgi script first developed by Matt Wright. When Matt first introduced FormMail in 1995, web hosting was expensive and cgi was inaccessible to most users. FormMail’s novelty was converting form data into email. Today, hosting is cheap but HTML has evolved far beyond the basic markup of the 1990s. The novelty of FormMail++ is that it seemlessly integrates with an html website and maintains its visual continuity. Users never leave the main website, never see popups or new tabs, and never have to navigate backward nor follow return links after submission.

FormMail++ works by reading the html form page directly from the server’s files, replacing the <form>…</form> content with a confirmation or error report, and returning the reconstructed page to the visitor’s web browser. In the event that the user does not complete a required field, FormMail++ returns the original form, highlights the invalid form fields, and re-populates the submitted data. In all cases, the user sees a page that looks identical to the original form page. FormMail++ also transmits the submitted data as a multipart mime email containing both plain and html text, and includes thorough css identifiers for complete customization of confirmation and error output.

The free download and full documentation are available on the companion website: