Bio Abstract

Dr. John M. WoodruffJohn M. Woodruff holds a Ph.D. in Romance Languages from The University of Alabama, an M.A. in Spanish/Latin-American Studies also from The University of Alabama, and a distinctive B.A.U.H. in Spanish/Mathematics from the University of Montevallo.

A specialist in Spanish-American colonial texts, Dr. Woodruff applies critical theory of paratext, marginalia, and rhetoric to an eighteenth-century manuscript containing the oldest surviving text of the Quiché Maya narrative known as Popol Vuh. He is the only scholar to apply modern marginalia theory to Popol Vuh and his most recent publication looks at marginal annotations and modal shifts that expose an unacknowledged authorial entity within the first folio recto. Other areas of interest and study include Maya anthropology, the Cuban missile crisis, and the Generation of 1927 poets and dramatists. More recently, Dr. Woodruff has taken an interest in gender law and policy.

Dr. Woodruff is qualified to teach all levels of Spanish language and literature as well as select areas of Latin-American Studies. In addition to his formal academic inquiry, Dr. Woodruff is authoring a novel, a collection of evocative short stories, and a textbook. He is also the author of various workflow automation utilities including Excellent GradesFormMail++ and CalTX.