Nearly All Maya Ruins Are Classic Period

maya classicperiod mapNearly all Maya ruins derive from the Classic Period (roughly 250 CE to 900 CE) and predominately in the lowland regions. The oldest date-inscribed stelae from Tikal and Uaxactún correlate to European dates of 292 CE and 328 CE, respectively.

Provenience v. Provenance

The two terms provenience and provenance are very similar but have slightly different meanings. Provenience refers to the discovery location of an artifact. Provenance refers to the pedigree, source, or chain of custody of an artifact.

Maya v. Mayan

Tikal Central Complex Temple II‘Maya’ and ‘Mayan’ are not preferential use cases and have very different contexts. To most English speakers, “Mayan” sounds correct (perhaps because it sounds similar to other identifiers of nationality and ethnicity like American, African, Mexican, Guatemalan, Honduran, etc.), but it is almost always used incorrectly.more ›