Ma(r)king Popol Vuh

The Newberry Library’s disbinding of Ayer ms 1515 makes it possible to observee a number of paratextual ma(r)kers that are extraordinarily significant for understanding the text.

Disparities of Discourse in Popol Vuh

This conference paper examines Ximénez’s management of the dual textual and semiotic grids in his original eighteenth century transcription and translation of Popol Vuh.

Rethinking the Context of Popol Vuh

My doctoral dissertation examines Popol Vuh through the lens of Father Ximénez’s act of conservation. I challenge the long-dominant editorial treatment of Popol Vuh as a free-standing and fully indigenous textual expression. The introduction and chapters examine the transatlantic influences that altered the perception of Father Ximénez’s manuscript, the provenance of the manuscript, Ximénez’s intended construction and concatenation of the treatises, and new perspectives on his ecclesiastic intent as both conservator and extirpator. The appendix contains full verbatim transcriptions of Ximénez’s prologues.