Business Principles Relevant to Learning

Goodhart’s Law, Parkinson’s Law, and the Peter Principle, are all rooted in business practice, but can just as appropriately apply to self-directed student learning.

ADD and The College Student

ADD and The College StudentAlthough this is a dated resource and there are probably more recent works reflecting more refined data, but it is a great foundation for students struggling with formally-diagnosed ADD/ADHD as well as those with general inattentiveness and distractability. Patricia Quinn also has newer works.

Quinn, Patricia O. ADD and the College Student: A Guide for High School and College Students with Attention Deficit Disorder. New York: Magination Press, 1994. Print.

“Ser” and Localization

Personally I think that localization can be omitted from first-year textbooks, because its usage is relatively infrequent and its misuse causes no communicative breakdown.Continue Reading

La bamba

In 1987, the “La Bamba” (as recorded by Los Lobos) become the first Spanish-language song to rank #1 on United States music charts. Prior to this in 1959, Ritchie Valens’ version reached #22. Continue Reading

Course Multimedia

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