Excellent Grades

Excellent Grades is a proprietary VBA for Microsoft Excel that enables creation of individual performance reports and automated email delivery to the university account of students enrolled in a given course.more ›

Hispanic Culture Search Tool

Using Google’s location awareness data, this form enables learners to refine web searches by target country, recentness, focus, and language. For example, “resultados de elección” could be searched within the last month, narrowed by Guatemala, and restricted to page title (as opposed to the page body which would yield more speculative discussions rather than actual election returns).more ›

Tasker Routines

Tasker is an Android application that allows the user to add nearly infinite automation. I have developed these routines for daily use and they are provided free free of charge.more ›

QR Creater

This Quick-Response (QR) Code Generator returns stand-alone matrices that do not require internet access to decode. Anything that can be input as text (hyperlinks, vCards, jokes, GPS coordinates, etc) can be encoded. Once generated, your QR code can be saved as a file to embed in a document, or clicked to open in a new window for printing.more ›


FormMail++ is a next generation html form handler inspired by the cgi script first developed by Matt Wright. When Matt first introduced FormMail in 1995, web hosting was expensive and cgi was inaccessible to most users. FormMail’s novelty was converting form data into email. Today, hosting is cheap but HTML has evolved far beyond the basic markup of the 1990s.

The novelty of FormMail++ is that its output is visually identical to the submitting form.  It does this by reading the form page directly from the server’s file system, replacing the <form>...</form> content with a confirmation report, and returning the reconstructed page to the visitor’s web browser. Users never leave the main website, never see popups or new tabs, and never have to navigate backward nor follow return links after submission.more ›

CalTX (iCalendar Transmit)

CalTX is an intuitive utility for physicians, dentists, veterinarians, and salons who wish to improve appointment compliance and timeliness. CalTX works by inputting appointment time into a simple form which then creates an iCal file for transmission to the client’s smartphone or email. Upon receipt, the event automatically populates to the client’s calendar and provides a pre-determined notification (minutes, hours, days, or weeks) to remind the client of the appointment. Clients with smartphones further benefit from the location awareness of Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant which will prompt the client when to depart in order to arrive timely.more ›

Digital Humanities for the Lone Scholar

Position Paper. Digital Humanities (sometimes stated as Humanities Computing) has long been a walled garden and generally misidentified as the mere use of computer or information technology. This has led many humanists to mistakenly believe themselves to engage the discipline and many other humanists to regard it as inaccessible. My definition seeks to cure both ills.more ›